Webinar on police response to GBV toward women using drugs

On December 16, 2021 EHRA hosted webinar for law enforcement representatives  on police response to domestic/ intimate partner violence among women who use drugs. The aim of the webinar was to build capacity and knowledge about effective police approaches in provision of help and protection to women using drugs in case of domestic and intimate partner violence. The webinar was attended by police representatives from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belgium, Russian Federation, Serbia, Estonia.

HIG bby Plotko cover
Help impossible to ignore: basic needs and barriers in access to health and social care services and shelters in case of violence for women using drugs in the EECA region, by Maria Plotko
Police services provision, part of a multi-sectoral response to GBV. Standard Operating Procedures
Building bridges cover
Building bridges between survivor and provider, by Ionela Horga
Policing domestic violence. Belgian approach
Department of Human Rights. National Police of Ukraine