New Psychoactive Substance Use in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Serbia

The specific outputs for the research:

  • 4 country reports on NPS use and harm reduction services (Georgia, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan)
  • 1 regional overview on NPS use;
  • 1 peer review journal article;
  • 1 conference paper/abstract;
  • Application for funding for widening research to other countries of the region, and for a regional stakeholder networking meeting.

The research will be done in partnership with Swansea University School of Law.

The objective of the project is to generate a more accurate picture of the use of new psychoactive substances (NPS) in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Serbia and harm reduction and law enforcement responses to the emerging NPS in countries.

  • 2 national reports on the use of NPS in Belarus and Moldova were prepared and published.
  • A seminar was held at Swansea University, Wales, under the auspices of the Centre on Criminal Justice and Criminology on the project and its findings.
  • Results of the research were presented in the Lisbon Addictions 2019 conference.

Countries of implementation: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Serbia

Project timeline: January-June, 2020.

Overall budget: 38 890,00 £

Project donor:  Global Challenges Research Fund

Contact person: Eliza Kurcevic