3rd EECA Networks Coordination Call

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association we would like to invite you to participate in the 3rd coordination call – on October 17, at 11.00 (Vilnius, (GMT + 3)).

Traditionally, at the call we will be able to share news of our organizations and upcoming important events in the EECA region.

Also, we will discuss the progress in coordination and preparation for:

  • High-level meeting under Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU on response to HIV epidemic (12-13 December 2017)
  • AIDS2018 conference (July 23-27, 2018)

HOW TO JOIN? The call will be conducted on ZOOM web conferencing platform. You can join the call via  link – https://zoom.us/j/923976223  Registration is NOT required, but we ask you to enter your first and last name while entering the call. For those, who does not have ZOOM, it will be necessary to install a small program to your computer or smartphone. It will take only couple of minutes.

For those who won’t participate, we will ensure, that audio-video recording of the call is available. Also we will prepare brief minutes of the call.

We are sorry and hope for your understanding that we couldn’t prepare the minutes of the 2nd call due to conditions beyond our control in connection with known crisis in EHRN.

EHRA team