Webinars on Drug Policy

This series of webinar is for those who want to learn more about the key international and regional trends in drug policy, explore scientific evidence and analysis of the consequences of repressive drug policy as well as the experience of countries with progressive drug policy.

The series compiled from four webinars available in both, Russian and English and include the following topics:

  1. Alternatives to punishment for drug use and possession of drugs.
  2. Decriminalization, depenalization, legalization – what does it all mean in practice?
  3. The rights of people who use drugs, or the right to use drugs: what do the international law and common sense tell us?
  4. International drug policy: the preparation to the High Level Meeting on Drugs 2019

LEARN MORE about EHRA position on drug policy that reflects our common vision of drug policy in the countries of our region in the future and identifies key approaches to achieve that objective with the help of EHRA members at the national level and by our common efforts at the regional and global level.

Webinars prepared and presented by Dasha Matyushina-Ocheret, EHRA Policy Reform Adviser