Support to Legal Environment Assessment in Armenia on HIV and Tuberculosis in 2019

The Legal Environment Assessment (LEA) on HIV and Tuberculosis in Armenia is conducted based on UNDP methodology “Practical manual: Legal environment assessment for HIV: “An operational guide to conducting national legal, regulatory and policy assessments for HIV”.

The primary beneficiary of the LEA, which leads its implementation, ensures its national ownership, LEA general oversight and coordination is the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of Armenia. The oversight and monitoring of the LEA exercise throughout the LEA process is delegated to the Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Working Group under the CCM. The LEA is conducted by a team of national experts, including Senior LEA Expert, Social Research Specialist and Public Health Specialist. UNDP Headquarters, regional and UNDP country office supports the overall LEA process. EHRA serves as the service provider to ensure the administrative coordination of the LEA process.

Legal Environment Assessment (LEA) on HIV and Tuberculosis in Armenia has to review laws, regulations and policies, law enforcement, legal empowerment and access to justice in the context of health, to identify the nature and extent of stigma, discrimination, gender inequality, gender – based violence and other human rights – related barriers to services experienced by people living with HIV and\or affected with TB.

The findings and recommendations from the LEA will serve as the basis for the formulation and advancement of key policy changes to affect and accelerate access to health services at a crucial time as the country is preparing to take over the response to these epidemics with decreasing donor funding.

  • LEA consultants developed the inception report that was translated into English;
  • Communications were conducted to discuss the inception report with a UNDP international consultant, LEA Team and the Global Fund;
  • The LEA Team conducted a meeting with the CRG Working Group under the CCM to agree on additional chapters on tuberculosis to be added to the inception report;
  • Inception report is translated into Armenian to be presented to Armenian partners. 

Countries covered by project:  Armenia

Project timeline: July 2019 – May 2020

Overall budget: 48,649 USD

Project donor:  The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria


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