Practical Information for Ukrainian Refugees Entering Lithuania

Transportation from borders is organised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Please contact by phone +370 52393999 or by email:

Ukrainians who can provide their ID can travel for free by train in Lithuania. More information:

Ukrainians are guaranteed emergency medical care, prenatal care, childbirth, and other essential level I, II and III health care services, which, if not provided, could lead to a deterioration of health to the point of requiring emergency medical services.

Health Insurance Funds can be contacted by email: or phone +370 52322222.

Also, free Covid-19 vaccination is available for all Ukrainian refugees. Registration: +370 66011808.

Food can be provided by Maisto bankas. More information to be found here:

The Order of Malta also offers food and clothes for Ukrainians.

More information can be provided by phone +370 60023220 or can be found here:

Caritas of the Vilnius Archdiocese (humanitarian aid):

Kalvarijų str. 39, Vilnius, ph. +370 67324225, e-mail:

Harm reduction organisations that provide their services in Lithuania:

  • Demetra (HIV testing and harm reduction supplies)

Address: Vilnius, Kauno g. 6,; +370 68710655

  • Support foundation “RIGRA” can provide information on HIV treatment, harm reduction supplies and OST services.

Address: Kaunas, Partizanų st. 5, +370 68717462, +370 67593566

Registration to OST clinic +37052137274

Free psychological support for Ukrainians:

Lithuanian Red Cross  offers humanitarian aid, information and also restoration of family ties.

Address: Juozapavičiaus st. 10A, Vilnius, ph. +370 52127322, e-mail,

For the OST treatment for Ukrainians contact The Centre for Addictive Disorders.

Contact person: ausra.sirvinskiene@rplc or; +370 52137274

Methadone and Buprenorphine both are compensated by the state for Ukrainian nationals.

For assistance with accessing ART contact:

  • Demetra. Address: Vilnius, Kauno g. 6,; +370 68710655
  • Support foundation “RIGRA”. Address: Kaunas, Partizanų st. 5, +370 68717462, +370 67593566