Practical Information for Ukrainian Refugees Entering Hungary

Free solidarity tickets for The Hungarian Railways (MAV) are available for Ukrainians with ID.

More information and timetables can be found here:

Upon arrival, refugees are offered to stay in Hungary and transported to refugee shelters if agreed. Alternatively, Ukrainians can leave Hungary and travel further to the West.

There are no shelters in Hungary that provide services specifically to key populations. However exclusions can apply for certain situations (e.g. pregnant woman with drug dependency) and it can be arranged.

People with asylum status are eligible for general health care free of charge. However, the National Health Insurance Fund is now working on a system for those on ART. 

Offices of most of the charity organisations helping refugees at the border and at all railway stations in Budapest.

Information on Harm reduction organisations that operate in Hungary can be found here:

Information on how to get psychological counselling for Ukrainian citizens can be found here:

Methadone – free of charge.

  • INDIT, to contact Dr. János Szemelyácz,  +36309590720 
  • Gyula Nyírő Hospital (Budapest) – only liquid methadone. To contact Tünde Szabó,+36303040112

Suboxone – not covered by health insurance but can be purchased in pharmacies. Prescriptions are available in Budapest. To contact Dr. József Csorba,

To receive OST in Hungary a written certificate from doctors is needed confirming:

  1. a) you were enrolled in OST program;
  2. b) the medication you were on;
  3. c) the dosage you received. 

In most cases medical staff do not speak Russian/Ukrainian, they speak some English – but a translator is needed to assist. There are volunteer translators who can be contacted for assistance.

  • Ilona Daboczy, Russian, Ukrainian – Hungarian, +36303584512
  • Agnes Sulla, Russian-Hungarian, +36207751638
  • Zsolt Halmos, Russian-Hungarian, +36702456893
  • Vladislav Tóth, Russia, Ukrainian – Hungarian,+36702205795
  • Jana Zanoz, Russian – Hungarian, +36703892180