EHRA is looking for a consultant to prepare the review of Harm Reduction programs in EECA region

Eurasian Harm Reduction Assosiation (EHRA) is looking for a consultant to prepare the review of the state of Harm Reduction programs and related issues in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia (EECA) region. The review should be written in English.

The potantial candidate should: 

  1. Review and comment the provided table compiling national data on injecting drug use, HIV and viral hepatitis and availability of key harm reduction interventions in 29 countries of EECA region;
  2. Provide in-depth and thoroughly researched feedback on a survey (will be provided) on developments in harm reduction policy, funding and practice in 29 countries of the EECA region since 2016;
  3. Identify two key issues/topics most relevant to harm reduction development in the EECA region/particular country and provide 500-700 word highlights on this topic for inclusion in the regional chapter of the report;
  4. Respond to queries from EHRA on submitted deliverables and review the draft regional chapter of the State of Harm Reduction 2018 report.

Each argument in the text should be supported by an example and a link to the source. Soft copies of key literature should be shared with EHRA via a dropbox folder. In case of using quotes from individuals, the consultant must have a signed informed consent from each interviewee.

In order to produce the deliverables above, the consultant should review recently published literature (including academic journal articles and grey literature such as UN and civil society reports) and consult with national experts and key stakeholders at the regional level (including networks of people who use drugs).

EHRA will support the consultant by providing available grey literature published by SCOs and facilitating the contacts between the Consultant and national and regional harm reduction experts / networks of people who use drugs.


All tasks should be completed by the 11th of May, 2018:

  • The reviewed table and the completed survey response should be submitted by 1stMay 2018 Vilnius time.
  • 500-700 word highlights on two issues/topics for inclusion in the regional chapter of the GSHR2018 report should be submitted by 11thMay 2018 Vilnius time.


Proposed price for the provided survices could not exceed 1700 euro.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Relevant experinence (50 points)
  • Quality of the CV (20 points)
  • Relevant degree (20 points)
  • Fluency in written English (10 points)

Potential candidates are requested to send their CVs and example of work on related issues to no later than 6 pm Vilnius time on April 3, 2018 .

Results will be announced by April 6, 2018. Each candidate will be contacted individually.

Any questions regarding the participation should be sent to